A classic isometric RPG in sci-fi post-apocalyptic setting. A game with turn-based battles and exciting non-linear storyline.
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Encased is a modern role-playing game with turn-based battles, an open world and an exciting, vivid story. We've taken the best of RPG classics and wrapped it in a shell of modern gameplay and graphics.

There are no classes, so you can make any kind of character you want, but there are professions wich open corresponding dialogue options. The story takes place inside a huge indestructible dome in the middle of the desert, where several factions struggle for their own image of what the future of humanity must look like.
The Encased is brought before the players in isometric projection, so familiar to the classic RPG fans.

The isometry allows us to enrich the game world with lots of dainty details, play with light and shadow, fill locations with hard-to-reach corners and place the loot into inconspicuous boxes.
A good RPG values a story, combining a meaningful and complex choice with freedom of action.

The Encased plot tells about the struggle between six factions, and it depends only on the player's choice how this conflict evolves, who emerges victorious, and how the world under the Dome changes.

However, nobody forces you to join the power struggle. The player is able to walk his path and tell the game's story the way they like.
The scale of the Encased world, despite the Dome limiting it, is impressive.

Dozens of unexplored underground complexes are hidden in the sands of the wasteland. The valleys are drowsing under the hot sun, overgrown with desert flowers. Mountains, rocks, salt marshes, toxic bogs and arid chill of chalk caves - the world of the game is really diverse and open for exploration completely.
That's a lot, huh? Like all good RPGs, Encased will have each location carefully built by a special location-building artist. Each box, each rock is placed with meaning, and not only in terms of aesthetics — don't forget, Encased is a tactical RPG, so a player needs some covers and conveniently placed red barrels to help them in battle.
Story in detail
The narrative revolves around the Dome - the mysterious object left by an unknown civilization in the middle of the desert. The exploration of its secrets and artifacts is carried out by C.R.O.N.U.S. - an international corporation, founded by governments of the leading world powers.

However, the Dome is not just a giant artifact lost in the sands. There are many secrets inside, and expeditions are sent to the underground facility C-12-Nashville, is close to unlocking them.

That's when the story starts...
Game features
Working on Encased, we went through a lot of ideas. Some of them we regretfully rejected, leaving only the best of the planned.

Diverse factions led by charismatic leaders, mad raiders wearing cartoon masks, tactical battles with variety of ways to complete, a butt-load of weapons, a lot of thoughtful side quests (yeah, none of that "kill fifteen boars" bullshit)... You must play the game to see all of it, really.
The C.R.O.N.U.S. scientists still haven't reached a consensus regards the nature of the Dome and why was it was left on Earth.

Some of them presume it served as a giant base consisting of hundreds of facilities hidden in the sands. The others think it is an experimenting site, and all of its technological marvels so providently "forgotten" in it are meant for humans.

Perhaps no one is right, but the one thing is for real: the Dome remains a mystery only a player can solve.
We value many sci-fi tropes from classic films and books and we try to use them carefully, without excesses, so Encased plot would contain its inner integrity and consistency. However, there's still a lot of weird stuff going on.

What can we promise without spoiling anything we didn't spoil before? Well, there are robo-children made for those, who want to have their own little boy or girl in conditions when reproduction is not possible. There are also aggressive intelligent apes with guns and explosives, a gas-like alien AI that forms a huge psycho-active maelstrom at the center of the map, some magic-like alien technology and a bunch of philosophical questions which comes with all of it. What, you think it's all purely for fun?
C.R.O.N.U.S. (Committee on Researching of Objects of Unusual Source, or simply the Committee) — an international organisation in charge of exploring the Dome.

Starting out as a union of scientists, dreamers and idealists, the Committee grew rapidly, becoming a bureaucratic machine that brings super-profits to a handful of influential people.

In the outer world, the corporation is subordinated to several governments. But under the Dome its power is absolute.
Encased offers players a wide choice of opportunities to create their character: before starting the game, you can select the Wing, set stats, skills, individual traits, gender and exterior.

During his travels, a player can meet very different characters NPCs willing to join them: a foul-mouth scientist, a mute female mechanic, a combative chimpanzee with developed intelligence, and many others ready to save the world or ruin it finally.
One of the major enigmas of this desert. Sentient (or not?) being, located in the center of the Dome.

Sometimes it talks to the people, but most of the time it brings the repeating nightmares. Everyone getting too close to the Maelstrom goes insane… except for the protagonist, stubbornly continuing his way into the very heart of the anomaly.
The area of the domain covered by the Dome is more than 30,000 square kilometers, and only part of them are in the desert.

The path of the player will lie through salt marshes, rare flowering valleys, bogs, rocky plains and mountains. Behind every dune one can find an entrance to one of the underground labyrinths, filled with traps, mysteries and marvelous findings.
The game is sensitive to a player's crimes, fundamentally changing the gameplay. To avoid responsibility for petty offenses, such as pocket theft, it is enough for the hero to sit tight in a secluded place, however, serious crimes are severely punished: the protagonist can be fined, executed or imprisoned.

Once in prison, a player can organize a jailbreak, bribe a judge or a guard, be honestly freed after serving time or having passed the test in the Death Labyrinth.
Encased is built on the basis of a well-thought-out role-playing system of our own design, inspired by classic RPGs.

There are no classes In the game: a player will be able to distribute attribute points, learn skills and pick up perks in accordance with their preferences.
Combat system
Encased could be walked through without a single shot, but for those who can not live without adrenaline and advanced tactics, we have prepared an interesting combat system with a huge selection of weapons and equipment, worthy opponents and exciting fights.
Each gun can be refined. Each armor - strengthened. And if the result doesn't meet your expectations, you can always construct something of your own design from hundreds of spare parts available, among which even relics found under the Dome are.

A flamethrower out of a vacuum-cleaner? A feral badger on a stick? Sniper rifle of thousand-year-old spare parts? Everything's at your disposal!
The desert is inhabited by unbelievably mutated animals, people who have lost their minds, highly organized bandit formations, and strange war machines that have been left here since time immemorial.

The opponents are plenty, all of them require a different approach. And every fight is a tactical puzzle for persistent and attentive.
Get under the Dome!
Create a character for Encased by filling out a questionnaire of the C.R.O.N.U.S. employee.

The most interesting, charismatic and memorable characters will become NPCs, and their names will appear in the correspondence and conversations of other employees.

Everyone who fills out the form will receive a unique DLC item - Helmet of the first settlers.

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